Friday, August 14, 2009

End of the Road

First off, I have fallen INSANELY behind on my blogs. Partially due to business and also from a lack of ambition to do anything.
To cut to the bone of this blog… I have gotten terribly burned out. It has gotten to the point where I am bringing it into the ring. I have never been this burnt out before and frankly it frightens and depresses me. What do you do when you lose interest in the one thing that you’ve loved your whole life -that you’ve poured your whole heart and soul into. It is definitely time to go back to school. Yes, I was tired at this point last year, but this year I’ve become burnt out. I do tend to get restless and irritable when stuck doing the same thing for a long period of time (Who doesn’t!?) but this is disheartening. I’ve been coming closer and closer to the conclusion that I shouldn’t return for next summer to Circus World. It’s a tough schedule and the fact that little changes around this museum could also account for my feelings of being trapped etc. There has to be more out there… We shall see. This whole ball of stress and emotions has been taking up most of my time from the last blog until now.
Baraboo National Bank Day was a hit. I barely reaped any benefits from the face painting booth, however, as I was unable to man it during the tight schedule that day. The Second Buffalo Phil’s date was a success and I got video of my “Captain Willy DeWitt” character. Prior to that, we had a campground date which was great practice and great show -DESPITE THE EXTREME HEAT AND HUMIDITY! The road trip was great -being able to hang out, talk, and vent with Tristan. He really has grown to be a great friend and even a slight performance mentor. I finally caught up with the DeSantos and helped out a bit with their Youth Circus Camp. It was a great experience and I continue to hold them on their pedestal of awesomeness. My best friend, Gilby, came through and brightened the road a little bit -and Toto Johnson also visited TWICE! Once with Ringling great and now Disney/MGM physical comedian all star -Brian Weckerly, the second time he came through with a buddy of his from Iowa.
I’m almost home and I still have a handful of visitors coming. I’m starting to pack and send home some of my crap, and starting to plan for the last week -as Laura will be gone and attending her first week at MSU-Mankato. The road ahead is rocky, and I am a weary traveler with motion sickness. More to come (Hopefully) stay tuned and thank you for your patients and understanding. This was a good and healthy vent.

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