Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Happy Yet Paniced

Now that I've gotten in a good solid breath, let's pick back up with this blog! -What do you say!?

Things are going swell! I am back on track with school and it is going very well. Classes are (for the most part) fun, stimulating, and THEATER BASED!

Laura is in Mankato, but we still manage to chat on the phone when it is needed. Long distance relationships have ALWAYS been disasters with me. However, I feel confident, content, and happy.

Auditions for Noises Off! (My favorite show of ALL TIME) came and went. I got the part of Garry/Roger. For those of you who don't know, there is a movie version out there with Carol Burnett, John Ritter, Michael Caine, and (Believe it or not) Christopher Reeves. I am playing the John Ritter part -WHICH entitles me to speak in incomplete thoughts and fall down A LOT! I couldn't be happier OR more excited.

The end of the day gets a little lonely and boring... It's good to go home and spend some quality time with the pup, but I wish there was a bit more of a social life going on. Sadly, most of my best and closest friends are either out of state or have a REAL job... Oh well. This lack of interaction keeps me foucused and concentrated on my schooling.

Ren Fest is going well. I am not as much of a hard core festie as I used to be. After this summer I really put paychecks into perspective. However, with my last visit, I impressed a lot of the higher ups in the entertainment feild. Who knows! This could lead to actually getting paid for more performing! Even though the festival sight is on the brink of extinction.

Speaking of paid performing, I'm really starting to panic and plan twards the next summer and year. I need to get more income and SAVE!I desperately need to get out of the family house and into a place of my own. Having Tucker makes the process of finding a place a real bitch. PUN INTENDED.

Well, I'm off to lunch. I just needed to rant, vent, catch up, and write. Skoyfalls is back up to speed. More to come!