Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Well, folks, I'm back to school again and life is-a-movin'.

This will be my last semester at Anoka Ramsey Community College --and I will be leaving with an AFA-Theater degree! HOORAH!

TONS has happened since the last downer of a posting.

I did not hang myself, and I will live.

Some things are good to spill your guts about on the world-wide-web, but I'll save that for a more personal note.

I am now an "Occassionally Working Actor!" I have 2 of the best agencies in the twin cities working with me. -I also have started auditioning at professional (paying) theaters. The transition into the bitch of a "real life" has begun.

As far as clowning goes, I taught at Mooseburger Clown camp this past summer and had an absolute BLAST! I also worked at a great fundraiser at the end of the summer --and have been asked to be a clowning instructor for my college's acting class! --PAID! There might be some possible upcoming gigs --which will be posted upon when the time comes.

I also wrote, directed, produced, and acted in the Minnesota Fringe Festival! It was a great, and TOUGH, learning experience. The show was set in a sanitarium and revolved around the patients and staff and the theories of what exactly is "sane" and "functionable." The cast was great and the reviews were surprisingly positive!

Currently I am working on my final production at AR; "Harvey." Which can relate a bit to the show I worked on this summer. COME AND SEE IT!

The Minnesota Renaissance Festival was a phenominal experience --yet again-- and it was great to be back in an open air setting -doing street performing. This was a great year in which I got back in touch with the reasons I do fest, AND to get in touch with the cast --who were very complementary this year. It truly is a great feeling when you feel like you are doing the right thing --and you belong somewhere...

The question now is... do I belong here on blogspot? We shall see. I am coming back and avoiding the lazy! We'll see how long this lasts...

Thanks for letting me play catch up!