Monday, August 31, 2009

The End of an Era

I have decided to take a summer off from Circus World.

The last week was alright and was a great transition into my new schedule. It was a tough seperation from Laura, who left for college a week early, and it was also a swift kick in the pants to start packing and bring myself back down to earth.

I had a GREAT camp ground gig with Tristan that I will write about at a later date, and the last day flew by with the greatest of ease. The drive home was alright and the unpacking and cleaning will eat up all of my free time from schoolwork this week.

I am swamped but ready for the change of pace and setting. I am back home and loving it.

My funny bones are tired and sore. I still love clowning with all my heart, but it's time to take a breath!

Until further notice--

Thanks for reading! See you in a week or so!



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