Sunday, June 14, 2009

One Month In! (Wal-Mart Bingo)

Things have been quite quaint here in "the Boo." We've been watching movies quite a bit and have a weekly rehearsal schedule -not to mention a weekly schedule.
Laura has been bitten by the circus bug (No, not Humphrey) and has the sudden itch to pick up as many skills by the end of the summer as possible. The list, in order of inspiration, is as follows... Magic, Contortion, Juggling, Clowning, Acrobatics... and I'm sure there are more to come. Tristan and I have been entertaining the idea of putting together a vaudeville show -YES, it has been done before. I am aware of the many attempts to revive vaudeville. However, with our combined skills and passion to perform, we dare to dream and continue to jot down notes and ideas... well, I write it all down -and leave all the talent and management to Tristan.

It was a long day at Circus World today... I was about to pass out after setting up for tomorrow's make-up demo. My back was aching and my voice was shot. It's a challenge being in character for most of the day -interacting at the face paninting booth (I brought in $94 today! -Almost broke the $100 mark!). By the end of the summer I plan to break a 100 both in the booth and in bowling as well. I'm starting to pick it up. The whole group(The Antons, Duo Fusion, Irene, Tristan, Maggie, Laura and Myself) went bowling about a week ago and it was a great bonding experience. (Before that we went out with Maggie and Tristan -our new best friends in town -if you couldn't tell already.) Besides bowling, The four of us went out the other night to see "The Hangover." The movie was hilarious -and proved to be a great outting and escape from the daily grind. Afterwards we went back to Maggie and Tristan's for pie (concocted by Maggie and Laura) -they needed heavy whipping cream, however, and Tristan and I set off for Wal-Mart at midnight. -AKA. the bewitching hour at Wal-Mart. The first sighting was of a woman taking her sweet time at the "Speedy Checkout -20 items or less" line -we laughed at the irony and contradiction as I believe the lady payed in change and coupons. Then, in walked the Manson family. Long haired hippy people from the Baraboo hills -probably there for beer, Doritoes, and soda. They had long hair, glazed eyes, and a confused yet giddy disposition. The youngest was around 12... I fear for the future. Next came in two men heading right for the condom aisle... I have no problem with this -more power to them -but the the pre-mentioned ombiaunce, they also got a chuckle out of us. We got up to the register and found ourselves victims of our own game when we looked down to realize that we were two giddy gentlemen buying a carton of heavy whipping cream. Yes, the last laugh was on us, and we laughed all the way home -to finish off the movie "Willow" which we started about a week and a half prior.

We are officially one month into the season and things are still going great. July is a sleeping giant about to be woken up by independance day fireworks. I fear that the great wall of midseason is coming upon us. Breathing deeply and calmly I keep entering through the curtain and making the most of my time. Family will start coming out soon, and my nephew's birthday is coming up. The parade is also in the oncoming future, along with many more stories -I'm sure. Keep tuned in and stay safe. More updates to come!

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