Sunday, June 21, 2009

A Night to Reflect.

Laura's family came to visit today. Luckily I was "ON" for both the shows they saw. I've been inspired lately reading a book entitled "The Pickle Clowns" It's composed mainly of interviews with the original Pickle Family Circus clowns. The circus name might not ring too familiar to most -but the clown celebrities that sprouted out of this open-air circus wonder remain BIG names in the world of clown and physical comedy. Bill Irwin, Geoff Hoyle, and Larry Pisoni were the originals (Others gave great interviews -but I'm shooting at big names for the moment.) It is inspiring to hear their outlook on clowning, as well as how they truly roughed it from nothing into the biggest open air circus (and theater circus) to this date. I feel like a Pickle Clown... they came from these great backgrounds and were very skilled in their own areas. The circus show (being animal free) revolved around the clowns -and they had great creative control and freedom. This being a genius "feed me, feed me -I feed you -We are awesome!" environment, the clowns flourished, grew, and basked in their creative, skilled, and slapstick brilliance. I feel like I have great freedom and trust in me when I go into the ring. Here at Circus World I am the only clown -and the only resident act. I have become a circus name. And for some reason my clown persona soaks this up and feeds it back ten-fold whenever I do my acts. I have an out of body experience. I watch myself clown -I can see what I'm doing -and I truly surprise myself! I am actually pretty funny. I'm pretty darn good -I've "Borrowed" some material but have revamped it to make it my own (As just about every clown has done before me in the past.) To sum up the situation -I've gotten good! and I impress myself. and I love my job. and I'm happy with where I am at.

Today was father's day -as well as my dad's birthday. I made sure to call him -and we had a good talk. I miss my family terribly, yet the summer is short and continues to advance at a nearly overwhelming pace. Laura went home tonight and has tomorrow off. So, I did dishes, laundry, cleaned out my car, read, wrote a few clown acts, surfed the web, and wrote this blog. I also had time to make some phone calls that have been severely put off. It's been a busy night, but I'm glad I had things to distract me. Tomorrow I get to work with "the replacement Laura" more details to come. Goodnight, readers!

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