Sunday, May 31, 2009

Setting the Pace for This Summer

I am content in every sense of the word. The begining of the season was incredibly smooth. All rehearsals were painless and the first shows had barely any flaws. We have been well recieved and I've come FULLY prepaired for everything this year. Not to say that last year was BAD, it just didn't feel right until about a month into the season.

Last year I had two acts in the main circus show (which goes up twice a day) I had a string of smaller spots and one parody act in the Razzle Dazzle Revue -I was in KidsWorld Circus (which also goes up twice a day) and I had my own 20 minute clown show.

THIS YEAR -I'm not doing KidsWorld (Which was a lot of fun, but it DID make the days long -doing two shows that each repeated everyday)... and They scrapped the Razzle Dazzle this year and replaced it with a large illusion show featuring Tristan Christ, the magician -drummer -sound & lights -assistant performance manager -and all around good performer and friend. He works WAY more than he should -yet he has great energy, patience, and vision to keep this museum afloat. --ANYWAYS I do both circus shows (two spots each), the Ring of Illusions Magic Show, and I also have a Make-Up Demo every morning. I am ALSO doing face painting. I am doing less shows this year but am keeping just as busy. However the pace is less draining and I haven't hit a "wall" yet.

The trailer life is GREAT! I feared it would seem small (YES, this coming from a guy who traveled with Ringling in the same 5' x 10' box for two years). With Laura and Tucker this mobile valhala is a comfortable and sweet place to call home whenever I need it. I have a working sink, stove, refrigerator, shower, bed, lights, microwave, and windows. It is very cozy and I could get used to this in the future (LOOK OUT BIG APPLE CIRCUS!)

I continue to find myself on more and more wisconsin dells promotional material. IT'S AMAZING! Never in my WILDEST dreams did I ever think I'd reach this level of celebrity with my clowning. I am SOOO lucky and blessed. It's going to be hard leaving this place in the future... but, such is the life of a performer.

It is almost midnight, however I wanted to get the basics out of the way before I really started getting into details... I should start inviting people... maybe tomorrow.

Goodnight moon. Goodnight stars. Goodnight Circkets. Goodnight Trailer. Goodnight Baraboo. Goodnight... me.

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