Saturday, May 30, 2009


Hello Readers.

Granted, I am writing this at a point when there aren't ANY followers, but for now and future joiners this will just be the basic welcome and introduction.

I started this as a journal of my second summer at Circus World Museum here in 2009. This is a place to vent, escape, and stimulate my creativity. Also it's a way to keep my dear friends, and family posted on the current on-goings in my life.

I will write a more "bloggy" blog tomorrow, as it is 11:00PM and I am the only one awake in my trailer.

I live in a comfy "Salem" trailer on the backlot of the museum with my girlfriend, Laura, and my dog, Tucker. It's been a smooth and fun season so far... let's see how long this lasts -I am currently 2 weeks in. I have no idea what lies ahead this summer, in my blog, in my life -but I do believe that all things happen for a reason and that the good and bad work together and co-exist. I just have to keep smiling, keep looking at the positives, and keep getting back up when I fall.

Welcome to Skoy Falls!
You've been expected.


Neal Skoy

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