Thursday, August 11, 2011

Summer 2011: Part 1

It has been a whirlwind summer here in Baraboo, Wisconsin.
Another year at the illustrious and stationary CIRCUS WORLD MUSEUM! The cast this year is really great and very talented. I've had a WONDERFUL time alongside these fantastic new and old faces.

I've joined comedic forces with Greg Parks to provide --not one, but TWO clowns on the site this year. It's been a great opportunity, learning experience, and tons of fun to boot. I haven't worked with a clown partner since being on Ringling, so it has been refreshing and, as said before, a neat learning experience. --With this clown partner came a more relaxed schedule out here and DAYS OFF!!! --Most of which were spent working in other places (The Jungle Theater in "Next Fall, and Mooseburger Clown Arts Camp.) Money's money and you've gotta get it while and when you can; in the entertainment buisness. Work is rarely steady and money is hard to save. However, this is a truth I had learned prior to commiting myself to life and a career in the performing arts... Who know's if I will EVER again feel the pleasure of having insurance and other work bennefits...

After the season is over, I have a few gigs lined up here and there --one of which was finalized this morning. I will be returning to The Minnesota Renaissance Festival for my 5th year out there! Some insane part of my being LOVES the rough and tumble life of a street performer... It's such good experience and improv training --not to mention I will be working alongside some other incredibly talented people out there too!

The relationship world is surprisingly content --and this summer has only had some minor bumps. Lauren is a fantastic girl who is self aware, patient, and understanding. She also keeps me motivated and is a great listener. She's the apple of my eye and everything I need in a relationship. The summer is almost over and I can look forward to seeing her again on a semi-regular basis.

I will be writing more in the near future --in better detail, but for now I must be going down for the second circus show (My last for the day)....

Until later...
Thanks for reading!

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